Liverpool Tourism: How to Reach Liverpool by Train

Liverpool is known to be the fourth largest city within Britain. A lot of things have brought Liverpool to fame such as its airport, its vast history of culture, music, and art, as well as its sports events. Not to mention famous artists came from this seaside city located in northwest England.

There are two rail links available which offers an easier means of getting to Liverpool from anywhere in Britain. When you are travelling as a tourist and want to reach Liverpool via train, here are some Liverpool tourism tips on how to do it.

From USA

If your origin is in the United States and you are planning to reach Liverpool, know that London is the main arrival location. As soon as you are in London, take the Network Rail. This is the nationwide rail that is used as a link in Liverpool.

On the other hand, if you want to experience private trains, there are those which you can choose from such as the Virgin Trains. This started operating on 2002. Virgin Trains operate from Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, and Glasgow.

Going To Europe Via Liverpool

If you’re not from London, yet you are going to Europe and still wish to ride the trail to Liverpool, go to Paris first. As you reach Paris, ride Eurostar. This is a very fast train between Paris and Britain.

Train Bound For Liverpool

There are seven train stations. The most famous and the largest train station, which is utilized for nationwide travel, is the Liverpool Lime Street. You can use a lot of train stations as you arrive in London. There are those that take eight hours prior to reaching Liverpool since there are stops that are made along the trip. The Pendolino train though only takes a bit more than two hours.

Making Reservations

There are actually train schedules and you can take a look at them at different websites with the use of the internet. Book yourself a ticket reservation.

In case you were not able to make an advanced purchase of a train ticket, tickets are still available on the actual travel date. You can also ask the hotel for this.

Train Tickets

The train seats of second-class tickets are not reserved which means that they are first-come, first-serve. Only the first-class tickets have reserved seats as well as meals. Nevertheless, you can avail of good food and drinks at the train station.