How to Choose Liverpool Property for Sale

The best way to choose Liverpool property for sale is to conduct your own market analysis. In other words, find out what similar homes in the same area have sold for in the recent months. What we mean by “the same area” is very specific. It means down the block, around the corner, or the next street over. The farther away you get from the home itself, the less relevant is the cost comparison.

Comparison By Size

The most important factor for your cost comparison is size. What is the size of the lot, and how many square feet are included in the house? Keep in mind that different people include different items in the square foot-age total. Some might include garage space, balconies, and unfinished basements in the total to make it sound bigger. Always ask specifically what “living space” includes when you are given a square footage figure.

We heard about one house where this square footage factor became a real fiasco! The house was listed as a 3-bedroom with over 3,500 square feet of living area. Turns out that the largest bedroom was 9 x 12. A three-car garage was included in the square footage figure, and each of the garage units was bigger than those bedrooms. Not only that, there was a crawl space included in the square footage as well!

Placing an Offer

You’ve found the home you want. You know the home’s listing price and terms. You’ve done your research on similar properties and have a sense of the real market value of the home you want.

Now you’re ready to make an offer. You are free to make any offer you wish. Don’t feel bound by the listing price. Generally you want to make your offer as low as possible without being completely unreasonable. What that means depends on the status of the sellers and on the property itself. Sellers who are desperate to unload their homes may accept an especially low offer from you. On the other hand, a very low offer may turn the sellers off and make it harder for you to continue negotiating.

Start scouting for property for sale now and don’t forget to compare the features of each. Be reasonable when offering a price. With that, hopefully you’ll have your own place in no time.

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