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How to Choose Liverpool Property for Sale

The best way to choose Liverpool property for sale is to conduct your own market analysis. In other words, find out what similar homes in the same area have sold for in the recent months. What we mean by “the same area” is very specific. It means down the block, around the corner, or the next street over. The farther away you get from the home itself, the less relevant is the cost comparison.

Comparison By Size

The most important factor for your cost comparison is size. What is the size of the lot, and how many square feet are included in the house? Keep in mind that different people include different items in the square foot-age total. Some might include garage space, balconies, and unfinished basements in the total to make it sound bigger. Always ask specifically what “living space” includes when you are given a square footage figure.

We heard about one house where this square footage factor became a real fiasco! The house was listed as a 3-bedroom with over 3,500 square feet of living area. Turns out that the largest bedroom was 9 x 12. A three-car garage was included in the square footage figure, and each of the garage units was bigger than those bedrooms. Not only that, there was a crawl space included in the square footage as well!

Placing an Offer

You’ve found the home you want. You know the home’s listing price and terms. You’ve done your research on similar properties and have a sense of the real market value of the home you want.

Now you’re ready to make an offer. You are free to make any offer you wish. Don’t feel bound by the listing price. Generally you want to make your offer as low as possible without being completely unreasonable. What that means depends on the status of the sellers and on the property itself. Sellers who are desperate to unload their homes may accept an especially low offer from you. On the other hand, a very low offer may turn the sellers off and make it harder for you to continue negotiating.

Start scouting for property for sale now and don’t forget to compare the features of each. Be reasonable when offering a price. With that, hopefully you’ll have your own place in no time.

If the property you find needs to painting and decorating then you can give one of Liverpool leading painters and decorators a ring

Merseyside Painting
37 Moorcroft Rd
L18 9UQ
0151 329 0038

Cant go wrong when looking for Liverpool painter and decorators to fix up your new home.

Liverpool Tourism: How to Reach Liverpool by Train

Liverpool is known to be the fourth largest city within Britain. A lot of things have brought Liverpool to fame such as its airport, its vast history of culture, music, and art, as well as its sports events. Not to mention famous artists came from this seaside city located in northwest England.

There are two rail links available which offers an easier means of getting to Liverpool from anywhere in Britain. When you are travelling as a tourist and want to reach Liverpool via train, here are some Liverpool tourism tips on how to do it.

From USA

If your origin is in the United States and you are planning to reach Liverpool, know that London is the main arrival location. As soon as you are in London, take the Network Rail. This is the nationwide rail that is used as a link in Liverpool.

On the other hand, if you want to experience private trains, there are those which you can choose from such as the Virgin Trains. This started operating on 2002. Virgin Trains operate from Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, and Glasgow.

Going To Europe Via Liverpool

If you’re not from London, yet you are going to Europe and still wish to ride the trail to Liverpool, go to Paris first. As you reach Paris, ride Eurostar. This is a very fast train between Paris and Britain.

Train Bound For Liverpool

There are seven train stations. The most famous and the largest train station, which is utilized for nationwide travel, is the Liverpool Lime Street. You can use a lot of train stations as you arrive in London. There are those that take eight hours prior to reaching Liverpool since there are stops that are made along the trip. The Pendolino train though only takes a bit more than two hours.

Making Reservations

There are actually train schedules and you can take a look at them at different websites with the use of the internet. Book yourself a ticket reservation.

In case you were not able to make an advanced purchase of a train ticket, tickets are still available on the actual travel date. You can also ask the hotel for this.

Train Tickets

The train seats of second-class tickets are not reserved which means that they are first-come, first-serve. Only the first-class tickets have reserved seats as well as meals. Nevertheless, you can avail of good food and drinks at the train station.

Visit Liverpool and its Hot Spots

Liverpool is one of the European centers for culture in Great Britain. It’s the city that gave the world The Beatles. There are hot spots to see should you decide to visit Liverpool.

The Cavera Club

The Cavera Club is where The Beatles played during their early days. You can still get the flavour of the band’s music by visiting the place. It’s still one of the best places in the city to see live acts.

The Beatles Story

Also situated within the city is The Beatles Story which takes you to a history of The Beatles right from school days to how they formed the band and through their glory years and their careers beyond.

Places That Inspired The Beatles

One can also hunt down places that inspired the songs of the band. You can stroll down on Penny Lane or hang out in Strawberry Fields. You can visit the house where John Lennon grew up and the flat where he started writing songs.

Famous Landmarks

You can take the world famous ferry across the Mersey and take in the view of one of Liverpool’s most famous landmark – the “Liver Building” and other grand structures known as “The Three Graces”.

There are also plenty of beautiful spots for art lovers. The Walker Art Gallery has captured the attention of artists and tourists throughout the centuries. They have a collection of arts works that are as old as the city itself. The kids also get the chance to get involved with art too.

The World Museum

The World Museum devotes itself to the natural world. It has among the most exotic and bizarre exhibits in display. It’s a perfect place for scientists and curious minds to explore the natural world.

But Liverpool is not just about The Beatles. It’s a fascinating maritime city and home to the Albert Dog. Once a busy seaside, the city’s shipping trade is now a showcase of shops, restaurants and museums. Come and visit Liverpool. We have a lot in store for you!

Tips to Find Affordable Hotels in Liverpool, England

A lot of people love to visit Liverpool, England as it has a rich history in terms of music, arts, and culture. One of the most popular artists that started out in Liverpool is the Beatles. Aside from that, sports enthusiasts also stay because of its big sports events.

Now I’m sure you’ll need a place to stay for the night. Let me give you tips on how to find the best and affordable hotels in Liverpool, England.

Know Exactly Where You Are Heading To

  • Liverpool is considered to be very well-known for its port, one that has actually once been considered as the second busiest port in England.
  • You might want to visit Chinatown. The oldest Chinatown district is located right within Liverpool. The place has been inhabited over a century already.
  • As you decide to go on your trip, never neglect the weather because it usually rains in Liverpool during the months of July to January. Drizzly weather is also present during the winter. Take the weather into account when planning your trip.

Know Your Means of Transportation

  • Try to ride the bus as you go around Liverpool. There are plenty of buses within the city. In addition, you can also avail tickets that have very affordable prices in post offices.
  • You can arrive at Liverpool through the Liverpool John Lennon Airport. This airport has served a lot of cities throughout England as well as in mainland Europe. The airport is also known to be among the busiest flight hubs in the whole world.
  • If you reside in Canada or in the United States, you may ride the train from London. The cost of riding the train is actually cheap and it will only take you two and a half hours to get to the destination.

Book Early For Accommodations

  • To book yourself for any accommodations, contact Visit Liverpool. You may also look at their website. If you don’t like Visit Liverpool, I’m sure you’ll find other trustworthy websites for accommodations.
  • Book early especially during the winter months. By reserving a hotel room, car or activities ahead of time, you can save a lot of cash. The nightly rates are much more affordable during January to March.

You will find a lot of nice place to stay in Liverpool. Just don’t forget to ask what are included in the rates and if there are additional charges for getting extra bed or using their amenities. Keep safe and enjoy your stay!

Liverpool Tourist Information: Planning a Trip to Liverpool, England

Liverpool is one of the very well-known cities in England. It has been famous for a lot of things such as its rich history, its popular music that has stunned the world (The Beatles), and its ever-famous Liverpool Football Club. Every tourist would want to pay a visit to Liverpool. Here is some Liverpool tourist information which may be of value to you, as this is all about planning a trip to Liverpool, England.

  • Begin your trip with taking the underground towards St. John’s Wood. From that, you can walk to the Abbey Road. When you reach Abbey Road, cross the street and try to read the messages that are placed on the wall in front of Abbey Road Studios.
  • From London to Liverpool, ride the train. This will not take too long a time, just a little over two hours.
  • When you arrive in Liverpool, go to Matthew Street. This is the home of the popular Cavern Club where the Beatles played in the past. You will also find the Beatles’ memorabilia in the club.
  • Still on Matthew Street, pay a visit to the Beatles Shop including the Matthew Street Gallery. This is where you can take home beautiful souvenirs.
  • After Matthew Street, visit the Albert Dock. This is where you can enjoy watching ships and visit The Beatles Story.
  • Buy a ticket and explore the Beatles Story. This is a museum that is made and dedicated especially for the Beatles.
  • Take a bus trip to tour around Liverpool. Among the famous bus trips you should not miss the Magical Mystery Tour.
  • After you have accomplished your Beatles tour in Liverpool, you may try exploring other spots in Liverpool or dine prior to the arrival of your train to London.

Liverpool has a lot in store for you! If one day is not enough, extend your trip. You can find a lot of nice and affordable hotels for then night as you continue your journey by the morrow. Come, visit and enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Liverpool.

Houses to Rent in Liverpool Online

The British have to depend heavily on information gathered on the internet especially when it comes to houses to rent in Liverpool. The data provided online is often taken for the absolute truth. But have you ever done an online search for directions to a particular destination, only to find that the map takes you on a wild goose chase through circuitous routes, as if your computer had gone haywire? Have you gotten that e-mail about the deadly teddy bear computer virus, forwarded it to all your friends, and then found out it was only a hoax?

Well, guess what? The internet is not the absolute truth. It’s a tool. It’s the new world of communication. It’s a massive database – a database that requires you to use a good deal of human judgment.

Ten years ago, when internet use began to take off, many in the real estate industry envisioned the day when standard methods of real estate renting and sales would be eclipsed by the internet. That day may come. However, so far the internet has simply provided an additional tool for getting the message out. It hasn’t yet revolutionized the industry. Some might even suggest that the internet has added to the confusion because much of the information is actually out of date, unverified, false, or fraudulent, designed to attract business, generating a live hit or call.

Real estate on the internet though has become more regulated by the sellers and authorities; especially in Liverpool. Even to houses for rent agents working with major real estate brokerage houses are held by standard of accuracy when providing data via the internet.

One of the biggest conveniences when surfing the internet is that a vast majority of the listings offered are not rented. Most people go online to buy a house and make it their own; not to rent it. And so houses for rent are more accessible online.

Use the internet wisely and use it for your own good.

How to Get Liverpool Football Tickets

The Liverpool Football Club in England started in the year of 1892. This football club is considered to be one of the clubs in the world that have gained much fame and popularity apart from its being very successful. FIFA has stated that the Liverpool Football Club has kept its high status ever since it has triumphed in a lot of competitions, European or domestic.

The club’s success has been associated to its rigid and specialized training program. This is the reason why a lot of fans are very excited to watch Liverpool football competitions. Get your own Liverpool football tickets and see how good the club is. Here are details of some of the upcoming events:

  • August 3, 2013 at 12:45 – Liverpool vs. Olympiacos
  • August 7, 2013 at 18:00 – Valerenga vs. Liverpool
  • August 10, 2013 at 17:00 – Celtic vs. Liverpool
  • August 17, 2013 at 12:45 – Liverpool vs. Stoke City
  • September 1, 2013 at 13:30 – Liverpool vs. Man United
  • September 21, 2013 at 15:00 – Liverpool vs. Southampton
  • October 5, 2013 at 15:00 – Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace
  • October 26, 2013 at 15:00 – Liverpool vs. West Brom
  • November 9, 2013 at 15:00 – Liverpool vs. Fulham

You can opt to apply for the LFC Official Membership. In this way, you will have easier access to tickets. This will also show that indeed, you are a True Red. Being a member of the LFC will take you closer to the Liverpool Football Club which you love. As a fan, you are given the privilege to select from various types of memberships which include the following: Teen Reds, International, Light, Little Liver, Full, and Mighty Reds. Each and every type of membership provides its own set of benefits just for you. A donation will also be made to the Liverpool FC Foundation as you make a purchase for each Official Membership within the year 2013-2014.

So take note of the club’s upcoming games and arrange your schedule. Let’s support our own!

Famous Liverpool Hotels

Liverpool John Lennon Airport was established during the year 1933. This airport has been considered as one of the busiest and crowded flight hubs within United Kingdom. It is also located seven miles away from Liverpool’s City Center. This central location enables travellers from all over the world to find good accommodations and services that are within the vicinity. If you are looking for a good place to stay, here are some of the Liverpool Airport Hotels.

Hampton by Hilton Liverpool/John Lennon Airport

You’ll find this hotel right across the departure terminal of Liverpool John Lennon Airport. This hotel is the best place to stay especially for those travellers who want to stay near the airport for more convenience. One of the accommodations of the hotel includes fast internet access to all travellers, a restaurant and bar, and a fitness room for those who are health conscious and who love working out. Complimentary breakfast is also being served.


Hampton by Hilton Liverpool/John Lennon Airport

Speke Hall Avenue

Liverpool, L24 1YD



Crowne Plaza Liverpool-John Lennon Airport

The Crown Plaza can be reached at one mile from the airport. The hotel provides travellers with various wonderful amenities such as car services for those who want to have trips. Efficient travelling services will also be provided to you as you go to and from the airport. There is an area made exclusively for business, and daily newspapers are given for free.


Crowne Plaza Liverpool-John Lennon Airport

Speke Aerodrome

Liverpool, L24 8QD




Express by Holiday Inn Liverpool Airport

As a guest at the Express by Holiday Inn, you will surely indulge in the comfort the hotel provides as it is just located near the airport. The place is really of value and the nightly rates have reasonably good prices. There is also a business centre as well as internet access.


Express by Holiday Inn Liverpool Airport

1 Speke Hall Ave.

Liverpool, L24 1UX



If you’re in Liverpool to watch football or attend a meeting, no need to worry for accommodations. Be at home with the above-mentioned top rated hotels!

Finding Houses for Sale in Liverpool

Your quest for finding houses for sale in Liverpool at the right price begins by limiting your search to a specific area. You can begin by defining that area on a map. You can get oversize maps from your local Country Assessor’s office, the Country Clerk’s office, or the Chamber of Commerce – even bus route maps can be good. The fastest way to find a map and locate a specific area is through the use of Google maps.

Locating Places

Now sit down with your map or Google maps and mark the places that are meaningful in your life. These might include your place of work, the shopping centers you frequent, and the schools you or your kids attend. Somewhere in between these places you’ll find neighbourhoods that are worthy of your consideration. Scout them out by driving around. If you need additional help identifying good neighbourhoods, find a realtor to guide you – remember, their services are free, and their advice can be fantastic.

Previous Experience

We had a friend who was at a total loss. She needed to find a house within 20 miles of the manufacturing plant where she works. She thought she’d seen every possible neighbourhood. In desperation, she finally called a realtor for help. That realtor drove her straight out to a neighbourhood behind a big shopping center that she had never seen before. Now, she owns a nice little 2-bedroom home there – and when it’s time to go grocery shopping or rent a video, all she has to do is walk across the street.

Finding “Good” Neighbourhoods

How can you tell if the neighbourhood is “good”? Good neighbourhoods are places where the homes are well maintained, or where renovations are in progress. The streets are clean and the stores are busy. Make it a point to get out of your car and meet some people in a neighbourhood that appeals to you. You might strike up a conversation at the local coffee shop or in line at the store. Find out how safe the neighbourhood is, how people feel about the neighbourhood, the neighbourhood’s history, changes in the recent past, and any other issues – from taxes to factors like flooding or other natural disasters – the might affect your decision.

Start your search and it might be your turn to get a great place in Liverpool.

Attending Liverpool Property Auctions

Have you attended an auction? Do you know what goes on during an auction?

Once you’re confident you’ve collected enough information to bid on the property of your choice in Liverpool, you’re almost ready to attend the Liverpool property auction. However, there’s one more step you can take to improve your chances of making the winning bid. If there are other auctions going on in your area, try to attend a few just to familiarize yourself with the process. Watch what goes on, and afterwards go up to the people you saw bidding and ask them questions.

Asking From The Experts

It’s also a good idea to re-contact the people who have helped you so far in your research and ask them to pass along any tips they may have from their current experience in attending auctions. Most of these people will be only too happy to pass on their knowledge to you.

Making an offer on property through a Realtor is very different from bidding at an auction. You may find yourself bidding against experienced investors who have made fortunes in the foreclosure game. You may also be bidding against first-time homebuyers or even disgruntled relatives.

The old saying “knowledge is power” definitely applies here. Attending a few auctions will stack the odds in your favour and help you place the winning bid!

Rules of REO Sales

Properties that are either sold at public auctions or at the banks or lenders are known as REOs. When this happens, the rules of the game change a little as well.

The good news is that you can often arrange financing on the properties. The lender who owns the REO is the first place to begin. Chances are you’ll already have talked to the lender from the research you’ve done on the property, so most of your energy can now be concentrated on arranging financing and beating out the competition – if there’s any.

Ask the lender to give you specific overview of the steps that will be necessary for you to purchase the REO property. In general, here’s what you’ll have to look forward to:

  1. Inspecting the property.
  2. Arranging financing
  3. Making an offer

Enlist the help of the lender in preparing your offer. Remember, it is usually in their best interest to sell the REO property as quickly as possible – after all, they are really in the money business, not the real estate business. You’ll find a good working relationship with the lender will save you time and money – in fact, it’s worth its weight in gold. It’s easy to establish this kind of relationship – just use common courtesy and politeness. By now you know what you want – and you’re practically in the door.